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Poll: Bikini, Boy Shorts, One Piece, Thong, Micro Bikini, Trunks, Au Naturel?
What is best to wear while at the beach or pool?
A cute, cut-off top that ties in the front with some denim dukes.

Btw- RichWhitePrince, I hope you get jumped by a gang of angry black people & chased by a big a ss bus!!
What percentage of brave women will wear a thong bikini this summer?
I have noticed that more & more curvier women with fuller hips are wearing micro bikini which I find encouraging. Many women tell me that they find it empowering. Others tell me they feel sexy wearing it. I have also heard that they are most comfortable to wear.
haha thongs began to be worn in my country :P
i have no problem wearing thong bikinis in public in brazil everyone does only american tourists wear the big bathing suits
Should my thick girlfriend wear a thong bikini?
She is in her upper 30s, hispanic with 2 guyren & thick legs and hips. She tells me that she always wears micro bikinis even before we met and gets lots of compliments. She also wears them around the guyren. I don't necessarily have a problem with that since she is an adult but would you thicker ladies wear them publicly or how do you feel about it?
No One in this world should wear a thong bikini. They are gross and unhygeinic! I am sure a basic bikini or a nice bikini top with booty type shorts would look best on a thicker girl. Peace:)
Do most women wear micro bikinis to feel sexy in public or because they are comfortable to wear?
I have noticed more thongs & micro bikinis on the beaches of New York & New Jersey last summer.
I like them because they make feel sexy and i like the feel of being nearly naked
And What About Thong or Micro Bikinis?
And a follow up question; Why do girls enjoy wearing Thong or next to nothing Bikinis? When I was younger, we could not have PAID girls to wear these, but now they are almost the norm!! Again, I'm not complaining!! but I'm interested in the change of "social perspectives" that makes girls do things that they never once did! It's like a guys fantasy coming true, I'm just too old to enjoy it!!
It's an eye catching way to get attention. It pleases the woman because she feels sexy and powerful. And it pleases the guy because a thong/micro bikini is eye candy to treasure and behold (i live eight miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Metro NY so I've seen it all). It's a win-win situation. To answer your social perspective question, my best guess, would be woman have become bolder as they gained and experienced more financial power and freedom.
Sewing Pattern for a Micro Bikini/Dancer Outfit!?!?
I need a bikini/dancer outfit sewing pattern, HELP!!!?
I need to find a micro mini bikini / dancer outfit style with the low t or v back thong and the bikini that ties around your neck and back..... I need a sewing pattern to start making them!! Can anyone help me? an example of the pattern I am looking for is such as this item in this url....


Thank you!!
Kwik Sew is probably your best bet. This pattern here: www.kwiksew.com/catalog/cat_detai… is a string bikini pattern that is quite simple to make. From their lingerie page there's a pattern for thong: www.kwiksew.com/catalog/cat_detai… There's also a site called "pattern school" and it teaches how to make swimwear patterns. once you know a few basics then making whatever you want is easy, you n o longer need to rely on buying patterns www.patternschool.com/ if you click on lazy people patterns on the top navigation bar there's a pattern for a string bikini top.
What do you girls really want when you buy String & Thong Bikinis?
I run a website that sells a wide range of "Micro" Bikini's (halcyonblue.co.uk), OK we are not Wicked Weasel but we are in the UK and try to cater for every taste not just the exhibitionists!

Our bikini's are made in Brazil and really cater for the US & Australian market.

What do you English girls really want?

For example Bikini Bottoms: Big or as small as possible? Transparent or lined? Bikini Tops: we go up to C Cup at the moment. Do you want D cup and above? Do you want them see through when wet or keep solid?

When do you wear them? Do you actually take them on holiday with you? Or are they just for the bedroom? Would you wear them at Camber Sands or at Blackpool Beach?

Is patriotism important? Would you buy one with the Cross of St George on (tastefully of course); would it make a difference if they were made in England?

This is a serious question for girls who like this style of swimwear, from a company serious about giving you what you want!
You are so sweet for asking! I am american but i wear gstrings....haven't done a micro yet. People may think you just want to show off but they feel so good in the water too.....almost like skinny dipping :)
What type of bikini should i go with?
ok i will be on our boat off and on during the few days next weekend. its just me and my husband no guys we are in our 20's im slim athletic body with a 36 bust. its going to hot. so i was wanting to wear something really sexy and daring during those days on the boat just to enjoy the sun and be sexy. i was thinking of trying to wear one of those sling shot bikinis or with a micro bikini thong. have you worn a sling shot bikini before. and the micro bikini well its pretty skimpy like the top shows allot of cleavage like some under boob cleavage and the bottoms well there really skimpy thong. i just want to be daring and sexy while on the boat with him and do some sun tanning while he fishes. and plus i can change into something different if i need to. please no negative answerers.
go with the micro bikini thong, the sling shot bikini might hurt u by pulling up to much on your crotch area seeing as how the thong part eventually goes over your shoulders
Rio Beach Fasion - What to wear? Thong or Not?
Advice for a trip to Rio. What to wear at the beach. I know that Rio is known for its very tiny Bikini's. I am a fit and 20ish. Want to fit in and be fashionable but have never worn a thong or micro bikini. I am pretty open to most things. But not sure I have courage for this. Should I go for it or not. BF thinks I would be sexy in a tiny bikini. What would you suggest. What would you wear.
Urrh wouldnt everyones bf want them in a tiny bikini?? Oh and a thong? Thats brave. Hope you have a nice bum.
What type of swim suits are prefered by men for their GF's.?
Guys, do you prefer your girlfriends/wives to wear a
- one-piece swimsuit
- a regular bikini or
- a micro bikini (g-string, thong bikinis, etc)
to the public beach?

If you were to buy her one, which one would you chose?
To be honest, I'd be a little upset if my guy bought me anything other than a micro. I'd wonder if my body didn't turn him on any more.


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